Coco 2 with nuclear green lighting.

Pimp My Coco: Part 2


This part two was inspired by Ron Delvaux. I decided it was time to "Pimp up my Coco". I decided to start with a fan, and add some LED lights.

Part one dealt with adding lights and a fan to my Coco 2. This time, it was my Coco 3's time for pimping, and this time it was MORE POWER! Two light strips and two 40mm fans.

How to power the pimps

I am using the same 12 volt DC power supply that I use on my Coco 2 pimping. This time, I needed power enough for two light strips and two fans.

Secure the fans to the case

I bought 6 x 40mm fans online for about $3 each. I opened up my Coco 3, this time leaving the Liquid Nails right where it belongs, I decided to use Araldite instead.

I got a strip of 10mm x 10mm wood from Bunnings and cut a small section. Araldite did its job, I could then screw the fans into the wood strip. The Coco 3 is slightly different to the Coco 2, in that the 10mm wood strip fit perfectly in between the plastic slots - I was chuffed!

Remembering from last time, I grabbed some risers/bumpers and attached the fans using two screws each.

Powered up the fans again, and all seemed good.

Lights, camera, action, again!

Time for the lights. I ordered a couple of light strips from Geek which had finally arrived - I decided to go with our all-time favourite, nuclear green :-). I attached the two light strips on the underside of the top of the Coco case.

Wired it all up and put the case back together.

Nuclear green x 2!

Nuclear green x 2!

Success again!

Crikey - it worked.

Put it all back together again, and it, again, looks tacky awesome! PIMPED! Thanks Ron Delvaux!

Side view of the Coco 3

Side view of the Coco 3

The fans

The fans

In all its tacky glory!

In all its tacky glory!

Thanks for looking.

Created on 9 December 2017.