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Family members who served in the Australian Military Forces

This post lists my ancestors who served in WWI and WWII.

Created: Sunday 19 March 2017
Date last modified: Saturday 12 September 2020

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Baulch Family

This page attempts to put together the largest list of Baulch's from Charles (1767) and Ann Beddlecombe down onto the one page.

Created: Tuesday 13 November 2018

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Matthew Baulch - The black sheep, or just misunderstood?

While working on my family tree on Ancestry.com.au, the name Matthew Baulch popped up. Born in 1876 to James Baulch and Ann Hulm, I wasn't expecting to find much on great-great uncle Matthew, but I was very surprised.

Created: Friday 9 November 2018
Date last modified: 13 November 2018

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In Memoriam: Private William John Baulch

Paying tribute to Private William John Baulch (1879-1916), my second cousin, who was killed in action in France during WWII.

Created: Thursday 26 May 2016. Updated: Tuesday 9 August 2022.

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